A Stairlift is a wonderful invention!

I just finished catching up on almost two years’ worth of ironing! Thanks to our newly installed stairlift from the main floor to the basement, I can now get up and down the stairs easily and safely, whenever I want, without having to wait for my husband to be there to catch me if I fall going down. We have a second rollator which we store down there, ready to receive me when I arrive. Then I can get around all the rooms, but especially the laundry room.

What surprised us was the cost: C$3,500 fully installed, with training on how to use it and a 1-yr guarantee. (We balked at paying C$1,000 for an additional 4-yr guarantee – that’s exorbitant.) We researched several possibilities, hoping vainly that we could get it for less since it’s a straight staircase, requiring no custom curves or turns. All things considered, it’s worth every penny.

We had hoped that OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) would cover part of it, but no such luck. The best we can hope for is that I can claim it as a medical expense on next year’s tax return, though it won’t make much difference to the tax bill since being a pensioner I’m already in the lowest tax bracket.

Last weekend, I did all the regular laundry, including folding the clothes as they came out of the dryer. The only thing I couldn’t do was carry the clothes basket back upstairs, because one of the first warnings in the stairlift instruction manual is “Do not use to transport food, animals or laundry.” Food and animals, no problem – but I got around the ‘no laundry’ instruction by making several trips with small piles of clothes on my lap. It takes time, of course, but at least it’s do-able.

As for the ironing, I actually enjoy it. Fortunately most of our clothes don’t need ironing, just the linens, napkins, tablecloths, etc.  My husband set up the board in the middle of the downstairs bedroom at just the right height so that I can sit on the rollator and iron away. With the bed and a table nearby to spread things out, I’m all set. Such a feeling of accomplishment when I can do things myself, no matter how long it takes, without having to ask for help!


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