Pride comes before a fall…

Beware of complacency! A few days ago I finished making the bed, straightened up and put my weight on my bionic leg. But instead of bracing on the heel, I put my weight on the toe, with the inevitable result – the leg “broke” at the knee and I crumpled. I grabbed at the bed, missed and my foot skidded on the wooden floor. So I ended up sprawled on the floor.

Unfortunately, in the process I aggravated a long-standing injury in my lower back. Lying there waiting for that pain to subside so I could get up, I thought about how it happened and how it could have been avoided. Was I over-confident? Distracted? Trying too hard to be “normal”? Probably all three combined. Sometimes I feel so good about all I have achieved so far – like dancing in the New Year with my husband – that I forget to be careful, and pay the price.

Eventually I managed to crawl over to the wheelchair and hoist myself upright again, just like I learned in rehab last year. This was the first time I fell with the leg on, so it was more of a memory challenge on how to do it than a physical one! Surprisingly, there was no damage to the leg or to Beluga, my poor stump. Since the leg twisted under me as I fell, I was afraid that the titanium knee joint had been distorted, but it wasn’t. The only real damage was to my pride.

Since then, walking has become a little more challenging, especially when I use the forearm crutch instead of the rollator. I have to resign myself to the fact my lower left back may never be able to support my full weight. Just after doing a couple of circuits of the house on the crutch, my back hurts.

But looking on the bright side, I can still walk, and drive, and do things around the kitchen like cooking and baking. Given my situation, I have two choices: laugh or cry. I choose to laugh!


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